Crossing Lines

Some lines should NEVER be crossed Cross

When the line has been crossed it is important that everyone knows what to do. Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. Whether something has happened to you, a friend, your child or a student you will find below some advice on what to do when the line has been crossed.

How do I report concerns?

If you see or hear something, say something. It’s everyone’s responsibility to raise concerns when they believe someone is being hurt or mistreated. If you have concerns you can raise them directly with a member of the Safeguarding Team at the school. Alternatively, this can be done by completing the form at the bottom of this page – Report Concerns.

However, if you believe someone is in immediate danger or it is the school holidays, please contact Children Services on 01522 782111. If you have concerns outside normal working hours or weekends please contact the Emergency Duty Team on 01522 782333.

Has someone done something online that has made you, a friend, your child, or student feel worried or unsafe? If yes, then you can report this by clicking the CEOP report button below.