Purple Cow Competition Winner – Anete Berga (Year 7)

What is Safeguarding?

In a school Safeguarding is promoting the health and happiness of students and keeping them safe from potential harm. However, in reality, Safeguarding is much more complex. In many cases harm is not always visible and can sadly go unnoticed. There are many explanations for this but key reasons include a lack of understanding of harmful behaviours and not knowing where to go to report concerns. The Purple Cow site hopes to increase people’s awareness of what harmful behaviours are and how to report concerns.

As a school we firmly believe that every student has the right to be healthy and feel happy and safe. These are key factors which helps our students grow, learn and achieve. To reach these outcomes, students, parents, carers and staff must all work together.

At Lincoln Christ’s Hospital School we have a dedicated Safeguarding Team to ensure the safety and welfare of our students. We also offer a wide range of services in Supporting Students.

Crossing Lines

Find out what to do when the line has been crossed.

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Safeguarding Team

Find out more about the school’s dedicated Safeguarding Team.

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Supporting Students

Find out more about how our school supports our students.

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