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Where it all began…

This is the sister site of Lincoln Christ’s Hospital School.  The Purple Cow project was launched in November 2016 following the Sixth Form students voicing that they felt ‘Purple Cow’ was a more creative way of engaging people with sensitive issues and would help attract students to look at information displayed in the school.

Why Purple Cow?  The Purple Cow is a witty way of saying that it’s okay to be different.  We are all unique which is something worth celebrating but some times we all struggle with how we feel about ourselves. On the other hand, Purple Cow symbolises that there are times when people feel that they stand out because what is happening in their lives.

The reason why people feel they are different or stand out can be anything from personal or family struggles, learning and behaviour difficulties, gender identity and sexuality to mental health and bullying.

This site offers an opportunity to access lots of information and advice on a number of different topics with ease.  However, you will also find what services are out there that can help or what the school has to offer in supporting Students and their families.

If you have been supported by the school and this has helped (not matter now big or small) or found the website useful, your comments are very much appreciated.  Any feedback displayed on the website will be anonymised.  We are also looking at ways to continuously develop website or the Purple Cow project, where your thoughts and suggestions are welcome.  You can get in touch by completing the form below – Testimonials and Feedback.

Please keep any eye on the school’s Twitter account (@LCHSed) for updates on the Purple Cow Project.

Thank you for taking the time to use this site.

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